Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cheat Hacks - License Plate Camouflage

This post initiates a series of "cheat hacks." Simply put, this category focuses on using illegal or mischievous tricks for your own benefit. The area is broad and will cover tips for your school environment, tips for your work atmosphere, and tips for your life. Essentially, I'll explain ways to make your life a lot easier, albeit slightly fraudulent...

Toll roads are annoying in a number of ways. Firstly, the road fees are incessant and expensive. To add, the payment process is time-consuming, peaking one's irritation as it squanders both time and money. It takes several minutes to stop, to gather the necessary coins for the toll, to wait in line. Moreover, its not uncommon for a person to the necessary change to pass. In such a case, that person will generally wait for other drivers to spot them the toll, all the while leaving others to wait in line. Admittedly, there is the option of buying a fast track pass. In doing so, a driver is allowed to altogether surpass the toll stop. Still, the pass is expensive. Some drivers can't afford a large deposit of money at one time. Furthermore, for many the pass simply would not be used enough to become beneficial. Without a pass, drivers can either pay the toll or run it. In most cases, that driver will be photographed and fined for the latter.

Under certain circumstances, red lights are also an indignation. When it's 4:30am, with no other cars in sight, there isn't a reason to wait minutes at each stop light. Once again though, cameras keep drivers from running lights, fearful of severe monetary consequences.
The commonality in each situation is that there is a camera to keep the drivers honest. In capturing the license plates of trespassers, law officials are able track and fine the car's owner. There are ways to beat this "system" though:
  • Phantom Plate - For $29.99, you can buy "Phantom Plate," a spray which effectively "hides" your license plate from cameras. With just one spray, your license plate becomes a reflector and is essentially invisible to cameras. Moreover, you can use one bottle on up to four license plates, making the purchase increasingly beneficial. One particular plus of using this product is that it remains unseen to the naked eye and won't attract attention.

  • Sanyo Remote Control Covers - Posted on Deal Extreme, a remote control license plate cover can be bought for just $121. The cover drops down upon the driver's command to show a black plate and can rise again, revealing the original license plate. One advantage of this product relies in its guarantee to block plate photographs - unlike some reflecting products which may or may not work.

  • Anti-Photo Shields - In this category of camera protection, there are a myriad of options to choose from. Essentially, a license shield is a glass (or other see through substance) plate to put on top of your license plate. Looking straight-on, the cover is undetectable to all eyes. However, seen from different angles - like that of a street camera - a license plate becomes foggy and unreadable. One slight disadvantage of this option is that the plate trick is not solely inherent to cameras and can be noticed by people as well. Online, you can find license plate shields for as low as $14.99.

  • The Loover - Finally, there is a basic, low-tech option that is just as effective as the aforementioned ones. The Loover, a license plate cover with thin, evenly spaced slits, sits on top of your license plate, easily readable to eye-level viewers. In effect, the slits block the a camera's view of a car's license plate from high angles. Keep in mind that this product is easily seen to all eyes or recording devices. Nonetheless, this is a proven product which can be attained for $42.95 - one which is not questionable in its abilities like reflecting products.
Before buying any of these products, you should research the various options and their effectiveness. If possible, converse with others that have used the products. Additionally, beware of laws banning license plate "camouflage" products in your state. Above all, think if such a product would be an asset to your life and something that would return its expense. Do you use toll roads daily? Do you needlessly stop at red lights each morning? And lastly, is using such a product worth the legal risks it presents?

Post-Script: Have you used a license plate shielding device with success?

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