Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hello again.
I've been away for a while now, but, with the school year coming to a close, I'm eager to get frequently once more. Not only will I be writing in depth posts on underused, unrealized hacks, as in past posts. I will also briefly describe and link you to any articles of helpful - possibly crucial - information, like so:
  • GymPost - This resource is a map mashup of all gym locations in a given area. And it is not limited to a single fitness company, thus, when on vacation, you can search out and compare a multitude of workout options. You are not limited to the locations of a single gym, as you would be searching individual site to individual site.
  • Fuelly - JD Roth, from Get Rich Slowly, posted today about a new tool he found to track his gasoline consumption. Fuelly offers useful metrics such as average miles per gallon, best miles per gallon, and gas trends. As gas rises once more, this tool will be exponentially useful. (Photo linked from Get Rich Slowly.)
  • 50 "Danger-est" Search Terms - Beware: it is not simply search for adult content that will get your computer infested with malware and spyware and the like. McAfee recently released a list of the fifty greatest search threats for the average googler.
  • "See ID" - Also an idea from Get Rich Slowly: technically, you can write "See ID" where one should sign on a credit card, and you are not legally bound to the credit contract, purchases, fees, and other miscellaneous costs.
  • The Worst and Very Worst of McDonalds - I admit, I am not a fan of McDonalds. Nevertheless, Lifehacker has compiled a list of the comparedly least and most healthy options if one must choose. And remember: always go with the diet soda. (Image via Lifehacker.)
You can expect these round-up type posts on a bi-weekly basis, if not more often. Also, I intend to start a fitness blog in the near future. I will keep you updated on that. Any ideas for domain names that incorporate the idea of stretching?

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