Friday, June 12, 2009

Free Resumes and Business Cards + DIY Resources

Scarcely, can you find a deal better than free. And tomorrow happens to be the final day of staples free resume and business card offer. Promoted on
Staples Website, the offer promises 20 copies of one's resume along with 40 business cards with no costs whatsoever - no money spent on paper or ink or manual labor. But when Staples' stores close their doors tomorrow night, so closes the deal. If you are currently in hunt for employment, this is just one more opportunity to make your search more effective and more efficient. With limited personal exertion and no monetary expenditures you gain a medium to share your qualifications and identity with the business world: employers, employees, links to the professional environment. Inexpensive, often fulfilling, improvements to one's life and environment abound in other ways as well. Do-It-Yourself projects, coined DIY work, has become increasingly popular as the consumer population turns to their own wit and work for satisfaction. Rather than paying others, consumers attain the neccesary knowledge and develop the needed skills to solve their problems. With the internet, with Google in the driver's seat, anything is possible. And so there is no limit to the information one can obtain using merely his fingertips. He can learn to fix a sink, tile a roof, plant a garden, paint a garage or garage door.
For innovative, even inspiring, DIY projects, there are five reputable sites that one can check. For ideas small and large, common and dicey, persons with internet at their disposal can browse Make or Instructables. They can also search through eHow for further insights from the DIY savvy population. For more unique projects, one may look up Bizarre Stuff. And for the life hacker, DIY hacks do not fail to intrigue on Hack-a-Day, a website that, as its title would imply, offers one crucial hack per sunrise and sunset.
So make the most of the day. With your free time - time spent in anguish and languish, boredom and dejection, watching mindless television or reading mindless blogs as this one - think about commiting to a DIY project, for your own benefit, your environment's gain, or the utility of a family member or friend.

*Note - The DIY site suggestions stem from, though the insights and explanations are entirely those of my own doing.

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