Friday, October 31, 2008

Holiday Hack - Hallower Part II + Diet Tips

This post is a follow up to yesterday's post, which offered three resources to use when planning an extra special halloween. Here are just a few hacks covering some different aspects of the same general topic:
  • Pumpkin Carving 101 - This is a great site containing any information you'd ever want about pumpkin carving. Not only does it include information on actually cutting the pumpkin, but it also explains the activity's history, gives neat tricks and ideas to use, and has a photo archive of some stunning works.
  • Halloween Tips - This links to halloween jokes to use wherever you may go to night. These are a great way to spur conversation or humour at a party.
  • Fearful Films - Here's a list of horror flicks perfect for tonight. The movies are categorized by specialty and you can choose from your favorite.
  • My Great Kid - This blog includes a number of links to hacks not mentioned here. This is a great place to look for fresh ideas.
  • Halloween-Website - This links to seven recipes for fake blood for those deadset on looking gruesome tonight.
Of course, candy and sweets are an important part of the holiday. The most important thing to remember when eating is simply to use moderation and eat to content. Still, here are a few tips to keep diet slips to a minimum:
  • Set a candy limit and stick to it
  • Pace yourself - You could even set rules such as one small piece per hour.
  • Eat calorically sparse foods earlier in the day - A good way to do this would be to focus on lean protein and vegetables.
Finally, control yourself but enjoy the night. Have a good Halloween.

Post-Script: Did you end up using any of these hacks?

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