Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Resource Hack - Custom CD Cases

With the resources and technology we have today, it's not uncommon to download most, if not all, of our new music off the internet. Going to a store and buying a cd is a thing of the past, as it is almost second nature for today's generation to obtain their tunes via the internet. Subsequent to downloading the music, of course, is burning copies of it for friends and family. Because today's cd's are generally bought in bulk without a case for each individual disk, plastic bags or envelopes are the default means of enclosement and transportation. Here's where a Paper CD Case comes in.

The site offers a medium to make customizable paper cd cases which you can create and print right at your computer. The basic cover allows the user to choose the title, artist, up to 16 tracks, and the appearance of the case, while the advanced option adds a plethora of other aspects to alter. Additionally, the save and search features give you the ability to keep and therefore reuse any case projects you create, as well as the ability to browse through the site's archives. 

Be it a present or favor or even a giveaway cd to promote one's own music pursuits, a memorable case adds a dimension of uniqueness and sentimentality that will be valued by all. This is especially worthwhile considering the little amount of time and expense the process takes.
*Disclaimer - I do not condone the downloading or burning of illegal music.

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