Sunday, October 19, 2008

Resource Hack - Printable Paper

With the advancements and abilities of the technology we have today, it isn't unusual to go a day without writing anything down on actual paper. Instead, we have computers and blackberries and a number of other digitized tools to get down text, communicate, or read. Paper is not yet entirely extinct, though. There are times when being able to hand write or draw is best the way to do something. There are also situations when special types of paper are helpful or even a necessity: measured paper is helpful when needing precision in size of text while graph paper is needed for math problems or charts. 

This brings me to a resource which bridges the golden age of technology with the stone age. The websites make it easy to print off different types of paper when need, rather than keeping stacks it unusued or going to the store to buy it.

Printable Paper offers a wide variety of options ranging from lined paper with different spaced lines to graph paper with different sized boxes. More unique offerings include music paper, bowling score sheets, and dotted paper. Here is a screenshot of a few different options:

Another similar, but nonetheless, great resource is that Print Free Graph Paper. The website allows a person to print customized paper according to four characteristics: type of graph paper, paper size, measuring units, and graph sizes.

All in all, both websites can save both time and money while also freeing up precious office or home space otherwise used to store paper. I'd like to conclude in mentioning that this is the first in a number of Resource Hacks. There will be several more regarding paper aids, as well as resources in other areas.

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