Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Entertainment/News - Dustin Kensrue

I know I said this next post would start the hacks and helpful content portion of the blog, however I'd like to clue the audience in on some new information regarding instead. I admit, I'm swaying from my original plan due to lack of time and too much work, but I do want to stay true to the 20 day trial I originally conceived. So without further adue: Thrice's singer Dustin Kensrue announced today that he's releasing his second solo album this November. This was a largely unadvertised and surprising move and I'm sure any fans reading this will be pleased.

If you haven't listened to either Dustin Kensrue or his band, Thrice, I strongly suggesting trying them out. They have music for all types ranging from soft, slow songs to hard, heavy beats. The announcement can be read here, at the band's blog. 
Stay tuned for the next post - an actual hack.

Post-Script: For all Thrice fans: They're touring now and probably coming to a city near you if interested.

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