Thursday, October 30, 2008

Holiday Hack - Halloween Part 1

There are a number of different areas to consider in order to make one's Halloween better, spookier, wilder, even healthier. Costumes, candy, jack-o-lanterns, and more are should all be taken into account when planning for a great day. Here are just a few useful tricks and tips to use tomorrow, with more to come tomorrow in part two:
  • How 2 Heroes - This website videos and narrates the process of carving of pumpkin pictured above. The carver offers insight and personal anecdotes on the experience.
  • Lifehacker - The reader's of the well-known site share various costumes they've created, describing the different steps in detail. You can also check out the post's backlinks which offer hacks I won't get into mentioning. Here is just one of many spook-tacular costumes:
    • Instructables - This resource reveals how to create "realistic facial prosthesis," picturing and explaining each step of the process. The article specifically references this prosthesis:
    Tomorrow, I'll conclude this post with part two, filled with more hacks and also dietary tips for the day. Moreover, after the election, I'll continue and regularly update my "Health Hack" series.

    Post-Script: So what are you doing for Halloween?

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