Saturday, October 25, 2008

Political Hack – Discover and Compare Presidential Candidates

The election is a mere nine days away now, yet there are still a plethora of undecided voters. Many voters will not finalize their choice until the day of the election when they are forced to make a decision. The reasons for holding out on a verdict are wide-ranging and plentiful. Appallingly, some simply do not take the time or effort to research their options. Being informed of the policies and promises of the potential presidents is key in making an educated and satisfying vote. If you are one of the many who have not committed to a particular candidate (or to not vote), consider using two useful resources to learn about and compare your choicse.

Google runs its own comparison website called In Quotes. The site archives thousands of quotes of Barack Obama and John McCain and lets users search their database, sorting the information into select categories. Such a website is very useful when comparing the opinions of the two candidates. It is especially valuable in that it has quotes not just from this election year, but since 2003. Therefore, a person can look at how a candidate’s stance on an issue has changed in time, and more importantly, in response to the election. If you’re not a US citizen, you can also benefit from the site by using it for elections in other countries such as Canada or India.

Another different but nonetheless useful website is that of Select Smart. The resource not only documents the opinions, history, and voting records of the presidential candidates on a broad range of issues, but also does the same for non-presidential figures. The list includes political leaders such as Senator Clinton, Mayor Bloomberg (New York), and Libertarian Bob Barr. You are also given the option to put two policymakers head to head and analyze the histories of each.

These are just two of a number of political resources and hacks available for this election. There will be several more “political hacks” before the election and post-election articles regarding the subject when helpful.

Post-Script: Who are you voting for and why? 

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