Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Political Hack - Choosing Your President

As mentioned in the last several posts, there is still a disconcerting number of undecided voters, now with just seven days until the election. To add to this fact, Newsweek declared in this week's magazine that there are some 75 million uninformed voters who can be easily swayed by the media or the propaganda they encounter. Whether you are undecided, unsure, or even deadset on your choice for president, Scott Ber Kun details the crucial steps of the process in his post "How to Pick a President." Kun begins the article with a brief overview of election history and important facts that his reader should ascertain. There are several gems in the article, as well as overlooked, but nonetheless important aspects to consider such as:
  • Voting Mistakes - For instance, Kun points out the faults in "voting for self-interest" and giving to much "weight to superficial things."
  • Decoding Political Coverage - This offers insight on analyzing the often biased media we encounted on daily basis and more.
  • The Decisiong-Making Process - Kun describes the necessary steps to finish with a worthy, fulfilling choice.
Kun closes with an invaluable action to consider before voting, but I'll let you discover that yourselves.

Post-Script: All followers say "I".

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